As Harry Berlin in Luv

“Happily, the director, Pamela Moller Kareman, has chosen to go whole hog with physical comedy, at which Mr. Mayer is particularly adept…The actors, all Schoolhouse Theater veterans, do a lovely job. We want these three neurotics to find happiness, although the point is that they never will.”

The New York Times, Anita Gates

“Theater and TV vet Neal Mayer, with his crisp comedic timing and perfect-pitch pathos, makes Harry Berlin so real you want to find him during intermission and shake him.”

The Record-Review

As Fagin in Oliver!

“Neal Mayer’s Fagin is the standout performance of this production. He not only makes the despicable Fagin engaging, but he sings with superb enunciation and each note is pitch perfect. Fagin is a nasty piece of business, but Mr. Mayer makes the manipulative criminal a likeable one. He ably fills the shoes of all the previous talented actors who have played Fagin on the West End and Broadway stages.”

“Of the many “Oliver” productions we’ve seen, Neal Mayer’s humanistic portrayal of the underground thief, “Fagin,” is surely one of the best. In this actor’s interpretation, fascinating Fagin, father figure to his gang of starving street orphans, becomes a character that one could both sympathize with and love. It’s worth a trip to Ivoryton for Mayer’s performance alone.”

On CT & NY Theatre

“It is Neal Mayer, as Fagin, who consistently keeps the show above water. His oleaginous Fagin is sly, conniving and yet, beneath it all, quite lovable, and his “Reviewing the Situation” is the high point of the evening.”

Connecticut Critic’s Circle, Geary Danihy

“Neal Mayer's funny and wily Fagin seems completely at one with the world of Dickens and his second act showstopper, "Reviewing the Situation", is performed with great brio.”

WPKN Radio

As Georges in La Cage Aux Folles

"New York actor Neal Mayer displays Gallic charm and a rich voice as more-masculine Georges, who runs the drag club with Albin. Mayer makes the wistful "Look Over There," romantic "Song on the Sand" and his other songs touching."

The Columbus Dispatch

"Mayer's Georges and Warren's Albin have delicate, lived-in chemistry. Mayer crushes one of the most beautiful songs in any Herman score, "Song on the Sand," and holds down the play with a less showy character. Neither of them ever have to strain for one of the great laughs here or visibly shift gears for the quieter moments."

Columbus Underground

As Cecil B. DeMille in Sunset Boulevard

"A shout out to Neal Mayer, who played Cecil B. DeMille and did a wonderful job. Cecil B. DeMille, when Norma shows up in that scene, has to be tender to her. He really loved her, and while he feels he can’t use her anymore, he really has great sympathy for her. It’s not like he’s outgrown her, she’s a has-been, so what? It’s very nice to see an actor portray that."

Broadway Radio, Peter Filichia

"Neal Mayer is great as a sympathetic Cecil B. DeMille. His "Surrender" is a musical highlight."

The Daily Item

As Mark Felt in Mark Felt, Superstar

"The star of the show is Neal Mayer, as Mark Felt, who even bears a resemblance to the pictures of Felt. He gracefully inhabits the role, becoming both sympathetic and tragic."

The Huffington Post

"Looking snappy in his crisp suit and shock of white hair, the genial Neal Mayer, portraying our hero, receives plaudits in this smart, breezy, informative and extremely enjoyable show."

Broadway World

"The cast is excellent, and Mr. Mayer touches our soul with 'Thanks, Uncle Sam.'"

Times Square Chronicle

In Moliere’s The Imaginary Invalid

“Another comic highlight is Neal Mayer’s shyster lawyer, couching his artful dodges in juicy Brooklynese and snapping his fingers for emphasis at every opportunity.”

The New York Times, Sylviane Gold

“Bonnefoy is played by the multi-talented Neal Mayer with a patois reminiscent of Joe Pesci … and doubles as a fey apothecary with a German accent…Mayer’s (is there anything he can’t do?) choreography opens and closes this attractive production.”

Connecticut Post

As Colonel Pickering in My Fair Lady

"Neal Mayer is simply brilliant and utterly old-boy British as Colonel Pickering."

EU Jacksonville

"Neal Mayer is a joy as a Col. Pickering, Higgins' friend and colleague in the transformation of Eliza."

Valdosta Daily Times

As Warwick Wilson in Biography by S.N. Behrman

“Neal Mayer (Warwick Wilson) is hysterically funny as an inebriated Hollywood actor whose face is his fortune.”

North County News

“Mr. Mayer is pitch-perfect with this character as he ratchets up the fun going toe to toe with Ms. Shayne.”

The Record-Review

“Then there is the actor Warwick Wilson played to the flamboyant hilt by Neal Mayer, who bears a striking resemblance to Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.”

The News-Times

“Neal Mayer chews up the role of a swanning matinee idol in top hat and tails.”

The New York Times, Sylviane Gold

As Geoffrey in The Sisters Rosensweig

“Neal Mayer imbues the manic scenes with a tinge of sober desperation.”

The New York Times, Sylviane Gold

“…but it is Mayer's super-exuberant Geoffrey that lights up the sky.”

The News-Times

“You have to see the multi-talented Mayer in action as he whips up a wild comedy in ecstatic dance.”

North County News

In Forbidden Broadway

“Mayer is something to see – so much so – I saw it twice so far!”

Outbound Magazine

“Mayer, who takes Mandy Patinkin’s frenetic energy and falsetto up a notch into comic heaven…is also versatile and funny.”

The Plain Dealer

“Neal Mayer is a definitely dorky Donny Osmond singing ‘Any Hunk Will Do’ to the tune of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’s ‘Any Dream Will Do’ and follows that with an impressive transformation into an intensely emotional Mandy Patinkin.”

Boston Herald, Terry Byrne

As Wilbur in Hairspray

“…then there’s the absolutely delightful “You’re Timeless to Me” – Mayer doesn’t miss a beat throughout the entire evening -- that is, dare I use the word, adorable… the result is a theatrical treat that harkens back to cherished vaudeville routines.”

CT Theater News and Reviews

“Among the many standout supporting actors is Neal Mayer as Wilbur Turnblad, fabulous as the oddball and grounded family man.”

As Harding in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

“Also of note is Neal Mayer’s portrayal of the well-educated yet sexually frustrated Dale Harding – he gives us an acerbic yet fragile human being overwhelmed…”

Connecticut Critic’s Circle, Geary Danihy

As St. Aphrodisius in the The Hunchback of Notre Dame

“…the musical has a few moments of lightheartedness - I got a kick out of a singing statue of a beheaded saint [Neal Mayer]”

The New York Times, Charles Isherwood

“…received huge audience appreciation when Saint Aphrodisius (the wonderful Neal Mayer)’s head slid down to up and back again.”

Times Square Chronicles

As Sir Charles Sturman in The Clearing

"I was especially impressed by Neal Mayer who is as coldly Mephistophelian as Sir Charles Sturman as one can possibly imagine.”

A Seat on the Aisle

"Neal Mayer is both sinister and menacing as the ruthless English governor who feels his righteous indignation against the Irish is justified".


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